• freeda 10w

    This post is all about castism, racism, religious differences, discrimination and more importantly humanity !
    You may skip if you don't like.

    Were we given choice about to whom and where should we be born ?

    Is it fair to live with the tags the society gives just because they were born in any of the so many underprivileged group !?

    God bid !!

    If there is heaven and hell....will the pride or curse of your birth or the title you carry ...will it anyway take you there ?!

    Hey..., I am not here to talk for the oppressed side or for the oppressing side !
    Coz, we are all struck in this tangled society where we are thought from our birth to just stereotype and be judgemental!

    How many of us can honestly say that I have never made a snap judgment of a person with his colour, caste, religion, and gender !

    Living in the country of diversity, we were never thought to love, live overlooking the difference, but asked to coexist, adjust with the differences.

    The world doesn't need another 100 revolutions...war or protest ...the world doesn't need another 1000 Martin Luther or brathiyar to fight against discrimination!

    All we need is change ...a change from your heart and mine ...love and humanity

    Tear open my skin all that I have is the same blood and flesh as yours ....we aren't different, just trapped inside system of ignorance!

    If only, if only we know after we die, the body, religion, caste, gender has nothing to do ...than your deeds of humanity will only qualify you !!