• power_0909 9w


    The great depression,
    Won't have been,
    Had the world had seen,
    How mesmerized I have been.

    Seeing The valley of dimples,that deepens
    as you smile,
    The cute face that pens,
    The glories of your style.

    I read them as legends,
    To be read through the history,
    The beauty of those dimples,
    Still remains a mystery.

    But I try, I try to decipher what they are,
    But I feel, even the moon would ask a star!
    Oh my God!What a wonder you are?

    But the questions are always asked,
    And the Answers, are always masked,
    But this isn't a science to study,
    Just a feature of this beautiful human body,
    Anatomy might find it useless,
    But the one who sees,It is God's grace,
    The beauty of a smile on your face,
    Gets multiplied in infinite ways,
    By nothing but your valley of dimples.
    As I stand beside and watch!The fire of love kindles!
    Lighting my hearts of desire, it dwindles,
    But I still hold myself and look at the stills,
    I keep on looking, and it always thrills,
    Thrills me with beauty, thrills me with sighs,
    Relief seems to rise, & stress eventually dies,
    Dies In the serenity of those silent valleys,
    But I am still trying,
    Trying to find some anomalies.

    But I fail as I try,
    So perfect, I ask,How and Why?
    I guess, I would die,
    Before any answer comes by,
    So I try, I try, I try,
    For the beautiful valleys of your dimples, I cry!
    Cry for being the witness,
    Of serenity In these gloomy days,
    I pray they stay as they are,
    Throughout life,
    Throughout the days..
    For Forever and forever as it stays.