• ayozain 5w


    I am so stabbed
    You punctured me in the
    best part of my life
    making me feel strange
    in my body
    I trusted you, with all the Whole of me
    And again,it happened
    Many Years has passed,
    And I still feel the same
    That smile!
    has been taken away
    giving it,
    another wrinkled visage
    You once, promised me all
    Loving me from Sky to earth
    but just a while ago,
    You gave me,
    another face of you
    I am just Struggling to heal
    That scare you gave me was much to tango
    You Stabbed me from the heart
    And it was a fragile part of me
    when you know that you won't last,
    Why did you show your shadow
    You stabbed me and its deep
    would this ever be healed?
    When you told me about the teeth and mouth,
    I believed you
    Same stories for The Head and Neck,that was still not denied
    when it came to Ekuro and Ewa
    it became a Tale.
    I am so stabbed From insecure Emotions
    I am ripped off my Chances,to heal again
    She has taken that beautiful smile away
    Yes! again stabbed and injured
    where are you coming back?
    To heal that wound
    It hurts to see you,like a statle
    whose life has been denied to breed.