• boykas 9w

    Instinct hope better days ahead

    We have all walked through some dark channels
    We have all been through the worst days and channels calling
    For hope and peace
    We have spent days crying for the loss
    There is a day a new dove is coming for the loss
    Bring up a better day ahead of us
    There are days we have to let go and trust our instinct hope
    There is always a day to wait whiles daring
    Learning to move on from the past days
    There are days we have to wait for elixir
    To give us that glamours future excavator

    There are days going to be nostalgia in us
    All hope loss in us
    There are some days going to be bored
    We all have a past and a lore
    A future and a new beginning to learn
    Grow and meet the better days ahead
    There are some days going to be shaped like the twoedged sword
    And there are days we are always going to be grateful for no matter the darkest storms
    And we are never to regret the loss, pain again forever
    Observing the two ancient days past
    There are better days coming
    Better people to meet, better future calling
    The cage is not always going to be closed
    There is hope , and peace to open
    A new day ,a new beginning and new people

    @ Boyka