• prananjan 5w

    How well I know you

    From the day I first knew you,
    Your heart was pure and kind;
    Soft words were your virtue,
    And humour your appeal .
    You’re the colours in a sunset,
    The constellations in the sky;
    Your elegant attributes made my heart
    Pirouette with joy.
    At times, my mind felt like
    A solitary planet revolving around the sun;
    You keep some things to yourself,
    But you made me accept
    We all have some secrets,
    That we’re afraid of letting go.
    You’re like the monsoon cloud,
    You make yourself burst,
    To give life to a seed of hope in your patients.
    I’m very minion to be compared to you,
    But together we form a necessary paradox,
    Not a useless contradiction.