• _ankita__ 23w

    I crave your words❤

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    late night waiting for someone to make me sleep.
    my eyes were wide open I was alone listening to songs on my couch.
    with my blanket on searching for sleep.
    I was lonely I guess.
    I was checking my phone if somebody texted me goodnight
    if somebody said hi.
    but no.
    no one did,by no one I mean YOU
    I wish to see YOUR name appear every time my phone vibrates.
    I search for your text every time I wake up
    n every time I try to sleep.
    I miss your arms in which I used to melt.
    I miss your touch which converts me into liquid
    I miss your voice which soothes my mind.
    I miss me resting my head upon your
    chest to listen to the music your heart beat creates.
    I miss those surprise kisses.
    I miss those forehead kisses.
    I miss us being so close that we can feel each others breath
    that we can hear each others heartbeat.
    I miss your hands playing with my hair which makes me forget everything else but YOU.
    I miss YOU.
    I miss you
    who had made me feel alive.