• khushiahuja 5w

    You're my Best friend ❤️

    In my world of darkness,
    Someone used the spell lumous.
    Then what, i got you,
    Got you as my bonus ❤️

    You have every right,
    Right to get angry, to get upset.
    Right to have a fight,
    But not to stop talking, not to keep secrets!

    You're the Elena to my bonnie,
    You stayed at my worst!
    I can't explain what you mean to me,
    In my priority list, you stand first!!

    I can't thank you enough,
    For making me smile when I thought I can't.
    But for me you're more than enough,
    I can't afford to loose you, I just can't!!

    You know how to handle me,
    You know how to make me smile.
    You know what? I won't let this bond to end,
    After all, you're my best friend,
    You're my best friend ❤️