• readytoscream 6w

    You are not alone

    Maybe I will write about a lot of feelings. But I think, some people need to hear, that a lot of people feel like this. You are not alone.

    But maybe you feel like you are alone. You could have a full day of work and to dos and meet some friends. But at the end, when you are lying in bed. It will hit you from nowhere.

    This felt like this day did not exist. And it sucks. You are angry about things, that you never ever cared about before. You handle things wrong, or said the wrong things. And in the end, you feel terrible, for your actions. You want to apologize, but what will be the explanation. Bad day, I'm sorry?

    People can't understand. But maybe, one day, you are ready to explain yourself. You are ready to talk about the feelings, that you can't even explain yourself. By the start of talking, you will feel this little relief. The good people in your life, will understand it, or at least try to understand. Maybe this will help you. I tried it a lot, sometimes I feel amazing. And sometimes I feel dumb. But at the end, I know who is there for me. And I try to appreciate this feeling and the people.