• thedamagedsoul 6w

    Dead days

    Time seems to just keep passing me by as the nightmares swallow me whole.
    Black circles encapsulate my eyes.
    Face shrunken in from lack of sleep...
    Or is it from lack of eating...
    I can't remember.
    Everything is just one giant blur.
    What day is it?
    Shadows lurk in every thing that has a reflection.
    Always looking at me...
    Trying to get my attention.
    Wanting me to sink deeper into the dark abyss that is my mind.
    Forever beckoning for me to follow the red road into the nothingness.
    Metallic smell fill the air.
    I look down.
    Blade falling to the ground.
    Blood flowing from my ankles.
    Covering the white floor in a crimson masterpiece.
    The shadows getting closer.
    My breathing getting faster.
    Feeling the darkness wrap around me like a stone cold blanket.
    Screams ringing so loud in my head.
    Make them stop.
    Who is screaming like that?
    Then I realize.... it's me.
    Is this the end?