• nikzzz05 23w

    That Pot Near The Old Window Sill

    I kept it there
    Near the old window sill
    The pot I cherished
    One colored in teal

    It looked rustic
    With corners coming off
    Reminding me again
    Even beauty comes with flaw

    The thought made me smile
    Has it been a while?
    Since I dared to see
    The ugliness around me

    Or is it really ugly?
    If It's not appalling
    What can be worst
    Than seeing people's falling

    I see everyone proud
    With their masked face and shroud
    Hiding themselves in glitters
    If that's enough for their jitters

    Like those lovely curtains
    Patterned in black and blue
    Standing tall against the light
    Allowing only few

    But the pot remains the same
    With all its rust and stains
    As if stuck against the time
    And not worth even a dime

    No one cares for it
    Like a broken human being
    Yet still it survives
    To see just another sunlight

    The enemy is not the dusk
    But the shadow that lurks
    Or maybe that old maid
    Who forgot to put the paint

    Alas! What can it say
    It's a leftover piece of clay
    Who only sustain to stay
    At the mercy of another day

    So I watch it again
    The pot near the sill
    With a smile as bright
    As its fading shade of teal

    Just hanging in there
    Is sometime all it needs
    The color will keep fading
    Yet despite all, it breathes

    That pot near the old window sill.

    ~ ©Niki