• pl0904 47w

    She's in pain.
    You can see it in her eyes.
    But she hides it from people.
    She's a great pretender.
    I, was the only one who can see her sufferings.

    She's crying.
    A silent one.
    She let herself being absorbed by words.
    She swallow those words.
    Words with very sharp edges.
    Causing her to be stabbed.
    Causing her to break.
    Causing her to feel dead.

    She's being devoured in darkness.
    I want to help her.
    Lift her out of the dark.
    But she won't let me.

    I'm so annoyed with her.
    I can't stand watching her in agony and despair.
    I wanna strangle her for being a hard headed.
    I can't take it.
    I punched her.
    Maybe that would wake her up.
    But I was stunned,
    Because in front of me,
    Was a broken mirror.