• wildwordswind 45w

    A life worth living.


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    A lonely boat, waiting to sink.
    With the holes letting the water in.
    Half afloat, half under.
    Hoping to survive through this thunder.
    The water seems cold.
    But not colder than the heart.
    The heart which was once whole,
    Now torn apart.
    Is the shore near?
    Or is this a mirage created by my fear?
    The calm wind is trying to set free,
    This soul of mine which was once,
    Left alone to bleed.
    The scars are screaming out stories
    Of the battles of life with all it's glory.
    This is the magic of this journey,
    The journey we struggle through to survive.
    The love we save for ourselves,
    Being the only testament of the happiness in our lives.