• safwan_xargar 9w


    In everyone's life there are days when they go through worst phase of life and that leads them to depression which initiate a circulation of frightful conceptions in their intellect. Some bleed suicide notes, some adopt drug addiction and some frames psychological trauma. Depression looks smooth word to articulate but one who is suffering through it knows how it marks the destruction on one's existence. Psychological pain is less theatrical than physical pain but it is more common and much hard to bear. If you know someone who is the victim of depression give one an emotional support and encourage to tackle with it. According to observation students are mostly the victims as they get pressurized by their studies. My intention is not to mention studies unimportant but to gain education in one's interested field is important. Most parents force their children to go further according to their interests. Parents with this kind of intellect should modify their ideology than only it could be possible for them to get good outcome from their children. For every victim of depression it's my message that stand strong against your problems, don't let them to dominate you battle
    with them to win your living.