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    Bring me back the smell of love.
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    //Smell of Old books//
    Bring me back the smell of old school books,
    The Carton of which was hurridely opened by me,
    The Moment the first book was taken out,
    The Smell hits my nostrils and It hits the brain at the Same time,
    Smell of the organic compounds still wafts
    Around me just like when i was just a 10 year old,
    "You'll tear the books let me cover them" You said
    "I like them this way" I said and ran away.
    The Smell was always close to the cell
    Running in brain - The one which was
    Overexcited to Feel the essence of the Books
    The Paint with which the pictures were printed stares at me with a frown,
    Of How I held them close every second
    - "Bring them back
    Even if it means for a second and
    I will store that smell in a bottle".

    //Smell of Potato curry//
    Bring me back the smell of Mom's Potato curry,
    Hostels took the every fibre of my being,
    9 to 5 jobs chained me with Ropes,
    From cities to States I fell into the deep pool
    Of Distance that keeps on increasing,
    " What did you made today" A girl with pigtails asked
    "Your favourite" With a kiss on my forehead
    The Tiffin was opened in a second by my little hands ma and taking a bite I said
    "Always" and Ran again with you behind me!!
    8 years, 16 years and Now i forget how to count,
    The Kitchen seems to miss an important
    Ingredient - The Love that you sprinkle on that Potato curry - I want that back with your kisses on my forehead.
    The Smell never left me - I still find it in Our kitchen but never found one because You took that with you - Just like my happiness.
    -" Bring that smell of Curry back
    Even if it means for a second -
    I will store it in my tiffin".

    // Smell of Clay toys//
    Bring me back the Clay i stored
    Away from everyone's eyes of
    The kids of the locality and i Hate it
    " Sharing is caring" Mom said
    " But that's mine" I said with that frown and ran.
    I had always found solace within those toys,
    Because you made them dad with clay.
    Of you know how much i love them
    From dull grey to deep orange red
    The Clay always fascinated me and kissed
    My tears when sad and Gave the smiles back
    The Smell did something to me,
    Till today I didn't found the answer,
    The clay was different Just like the time dad,
    "With my tiny hands moulded the clay
    And made the toys but never looked like
    The one's you made dad"
    And then Vacations kiss the dusk and welcome dawn with Clay in my hands,
    -" Bring me back the smell of that clay,
    Even if it means for a second
    I will store them into the same box."

    //Smell of Hugs and Kisses//
    Bring me back the smell
    Of your hugs and kisses back then
    When I was a 5 year old and then turned
    10 and then 15 but the Kisses started to
    Fade away and hugs left me for someone else,
    " You are the elder one" You said
    " But i still miss your hugs mom" I said
    Is that tag important?? And then taking the only thing i love
    The Smell of the coconut oil that you love to put into your dry hair to the Smell of that shaving cream that you love dad.
    The Smell ignored me for a long time and still
    Peircing my heart with it.
    -Bring me back the smell of your love
    Even if it means for a second
    I'll store it in my heart
    Enough for me to live for few more years.