• ilmtdoucette 46w

    Monogomy and You

    You think monogomus relationships, having only one partner and Marriage are all traps.
    You don't know the difference between close friendship and a relationship.
    You are anxious about life, which makes you not want to live life, which makes you anxious about life.
    You are brave and strong and have so much love to give.
    I am scared because I love you and that opens me up to hurt.
    I am depressed and that makes me hide away which makes me depressed.
    I have friendships with few people and even fewer that I regularly talk to. But you are different to me, I could talk to you for hours or sit in silence for days. With you I am comfortable.
    I think polygamist relationships could work in theory but are not for everyone. I don't know if they are for me, but I love you enough to try.
    One year of love. One year of struggles. One year of life. I love building a life with you.