• divyansh_sharma 6w

    The break

    It's been an year and can't sleep at the night still, I don't know what is happening and what is going on in my life. M Stucked in between some questions that I don't know answers of m literally don't know what is going on right here with me seriously m Stucked and the days are passing down the clock is ticking and the world is on its own pace but I am here doing nothing. Idk why , idk what keeps me awake and what is literally going on with me. Pressure is all mine nobody is pushing me for the good, nobody is getting me and my emotions idk what Is this phase all I do have is just the piece of time in which I am blank, who is responsible for this and literally what is... Idk I've to find the answer that what I am gonna do what I am made for and what Ive to do... The question is not what the question is how And I promise either I'll find one or I'll die