• amy_holder 9w

    My strength was in this place.

    This background holds a mountain peak,
    My childhood games of hide and seek.
    It did something powerful with its height,
    It strengthened me and destroyed my fright.
    I use to come here in the day,
    To be alone, to sing away.
    To dream and throw my problems down the line,
    So when they ask, I'm doing fine.
    This place holds special memory,
    Ones of my best friend and ones about me.
    It tells a story that happened on earth,
    My greatest laughs, my screams and joys, my worse and scarring hurt.
    This picture that you see right now,
    Is chained to me, some way, somehow.
    These hills are where I placed my feet,
    It brought me healing fruits to eat.
    The air it held was just like me,
    It filled me up spiritually.
    This wonderful place is where I started,
    And we will never be separated.
    It's all that I have ever known,
    This picture is the place my heart was grown.