• sunenasharma 5w

    You cry because you lose someone special,
    You cry because you think you couldn't spend enough time with that special one,
    You cry because you wish you were even more closer to that special one,
    You cry because you feel alone in the absence of that special one

    Love is just pure,
    You were lucky to have known that one
    The soul has left the body
    But will always remain alive as an
    Epitome of Happiness and Positivity

    Finding an elixir?
    Look inside you
    Accept your emotions
    Talk to your closed one's
    Cherish each and every small moment
    So that no moment ever feel short lived
    Don't get drowned in
    What? Why? How? When?
    Continue the story
    For an ending which shall never come
    As there will only be progression

    //Grey is colourful
    Love can never ever fade
    We are there//

    © sunenasharma

    #elixirc #writingcontest #creativearena

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