• jeitendra_sharma 9w

    Fear, no more fear!

    fear! what is it?
    hands in the darkness
    or the mindless crowds
    gazing at prey
    voices inside my head
    or the unbiased thoughts
    a threat to survival
    or some bullets with my name
    constant fear circling me
    binding me in sacred threads
    worshiping the neutrality
    towards jingoism and hatred,

    fear! as a kid,
    was the dark pit
    filled with rain
    the struggle to survive
    somehow to hold on something
    before drowning forever,

    fear is silence
    to lock your emotions
    throw them far away
    can't talk or dissent,
    ladder to rise
    to command all
    with the power of fear
    to break the soul
    with blood and iron
    to crush the basic desires
    rights and values,

    fear! instrument of terror
    hopeless minds
    accepting the fate
    no one can fight it
    as it is inside us
    we push others
    to fight for us
    and to die in a dreadful situation
    in the name of religion, caste, and nationality,

    fear! the powerless
    the oppressed
    who has no voice
    as their tounges has been cut
    no education no rights
    nothing to stand for
    just a skeleton of weak bones
    which can feel no more pain
    no fear of the whip
    as there is no flesh and blood
    they have sucked it all,

    fear! it will return to them
    monster will bite them
    as the dead man feels no pain
    no hunger will break him
    no money to lure
    no feelings to bend
    and no ropes to hang
    as it can't die again and again
    beware! table will turn
    fear will find it's meaning again,