• shivanm 10w

    My blessing..

    When i folded my hands and asked god for a miracle
    Little did i realise he would send you into my life as a blessing.
    When you walked in my heart skipped a beat
    When you spoke it felt like the gospel had risen

    You saw past the smile that had hidden so many sorrows
    You saw through the eyes that had cried so many nights
    You saw through me and mended the broken heart which had shattered into a million pieces.

    Now when i fold my hands and pray i ask that god keep this blessing permament so that i continue to feel alive, to feel loved, to feel wanted and wanted by you....

    This heat that you healed beats for you and only you.

    The sun that rises will forever be embedded with your smile.

    The wind that blows will have your lingering touch

    The birds that sing will remind me of your words.

    And being in your arms will always remind me that i am safe...