• sparkling_ 10w

    Whenever i get fatigue my heart pick up the pen and start inking And still if I try not to write,my heart commence suffering from arrhythmia.
    Poetries lie in my blood yep I know its always worst but still I can't stop myself and start making it lame.

    Even my notion to stay apart from pen and paper makes my tachicardia.O gosh i donno why this much desirability but for me writing is like talking with moon Picking up the pen and writing even a quote is like reaching at the bermuda triangle.Its like staying in the galaxy and spark like stars

    Hmm..I am admitting the fact that my write ups are not like bringing the goosebumps but I try and when I become worne out ,my heart starts attempting.

    Now just like poetries you are also responsible for all my exhiliration and dithering.From the day I have seen your that arrogant smile It took my heart and now am your goofy girl.

    Hey listen your every word is now metamorphose in my rhymes.Still you don't know 'bout me but I can sense you in my every word.I don't know whether you will accept me or not but till now I am using homophones with you,words are different but I try to make its pronunciation same.

    Listen na,now gradually you are becoming my oxygen and now your absence is like damaging my heart muscles and causing myocardial infarction
    Now I am sending you my last beat, its in your hand whether make my sound lub dub or convert it into murmur.

    See yaa!


    #galaxies @writersnetwork

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    You are my ornament and I want to embellish you in my galaxy