• kahtras 6w

    You see that Dragonfly?
    Yeah,right in fronte
    Them wings of petals with whiskers of rat
    Yes!Rats rotten and clay in rented vinegar glasses
    Hear these timid inhales of each rodent-hope enslaved in insomnia jars
    Ever had a single nightmare from those maggots?
    Mayflies and Dragontails
    each heavy with superluminal vile strings of ours
    How they stood for our dreams and robust was the tensile in them ropes
    And how,how each pull would draw them back to us
    And soul they pathetic for how poor they took off

    That is me and with me comes US turning sad awfully young
    See us bruising faster,crippling quick
    sobbing long and tired with ease
    Some just turn sad for nonetheless Void
    I Know for I am one.
    And with me comes us.
    "Yes you farming
    false unicorns and starry love dusts
    imposter of pre-scripted dogma
    repeater,iterator,copy cat- a whiskey
    Each of them bills pouring you off your deadlines
    You-'me the lil',still their talking rabbit
    heads down
    A Bow-tie