• the_pale_rider_ 24w

    Life is a simple one and a humble one.��


    Hey you, yeah you,
    Keep it simple dude,
    Why the fuss, and stress,
    Life is simple with no distress.
    You are it's mistress,
    Not anybody else, else
    You let somebody devour you,
    The soul and the life,
    And the blood and the beat,
    Keeping you alive.

    Beauty is simple,
    Like a child's smile, dimples,
    Butterflies in the tummy,
    Makes your world go rumble.
    Love is so simple,
    So pure and nimble,
    But there is no mingle,
    Only lust lingers,
    Now it's just a symbol.
    Work is so simple,
    If you do what makes you twinkle,
    Nah, you are looking for that nickel,
    Fool it's just a nickel.

    So why the complex thoughts,
    Notorious quotes, Now you lost,
    Where's the love and warmth,
    Damn it's so cold in your arms.
    Instead of living you just exist,
    For a reason with no justice,
    In a looped up blacklist.
    Shred that ego, so waste,
    It takes away the real taste,
    Let go of that e,
    And go get that feel,
    Being alive and being fulfilled.
    The bars and this cage,
    Are just figments of your age,
    A tag for your body,
    Not a bridge to cross the lobby.

    I can go on like a robot,
    And so I wind this random thought,
    With a little peace that I got,
    While I play K-Dot,
    Keep it simple you lot,
    Before you rot.



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