• lucidious_lucifer 5w

    Hy haters

    Last night I got a dm,
    what he said I couldn't believe em',
    "You should start mumbling it got a future,"
    Lyrical lines just a freaking torture"
    Ok bro let me clear something out,
    Just get fucking out,

    Yes, I m happy when I write, what I write,
    Fuck anyone who thinks he was right
    Yes, i am still serving coffee in an cafe,
    I could have made money just to run away,
    I m so close to my dreams that am too afraid to sleep,
    You are writing stuffs which are really cheap,
    Your words sound like dumb ass east coast rappers,
    don't worry Soon I m gonna turn your chapters,
    I don't wanna bang any hoes nor showoff any money,
    Just want a forest cabin to write and want a dog little funny,
    Yah, I just live in my private world,
    That makes my verses like real gold,
    You are like Stan that you should be banned,
    Dick less man you should be scanned,

    Sorry I just went to harsh,
    On your corpse I didn't wanted to march,
    You are just coping every word from dictionary,
    I am gonna fuck you in a pose called missionary,
    You are gonna say "behave yourself"
    The reply is ready "fuck your self"
    If I talk about my feelings that doesn't puts me in low mode,
    I can still fuck you I m always in the go mode,
    You just sound like fucking Gucci gang,
    I m gonna shoot you like bang! Bang!

    Don't take it serious,
    But do take it personal,