• santor_674 5w

    YOU were those poetic verses of her poetry ; scribing out the essence of those soulful fragments bounded together with the enchanting sense of love - flourishing over her feelings!

    YOU were those husky feathers of her wavering wings- intending to reach beyond the universe of those fairy tales of which she was fond of since her small age!

    YOU were those shattered pieces of her mirror coupling them to make her perceive the beauty of her glooming face set with a sweet ;mild curve and chubby cheeks along with her eyes filled with the fantasies she craved out!

    YOU were the pathway of her life fabricating paces for her to walk upon holding your warm hands to make up it up to eternity!

    YOU were the dazzling moonlight with shimmering stars embracing each other to conceal the hovering dusky clouds engaging her with those grungy and nastic outlooks !

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    Indeed you were her metaphor bounding her with mystical fantasies that she could have ever dreamt of in her tales of happiness!