• aintthatboy 49w

    The New Year Resolution

    Why do we toasts on resolutions? Hoping to change by walking into a year we are oblivious about? or is it to forget.

    We cannot lie that the indelible memories will leave you in pain. Those heartbreaks and sufferings will leave you inscrutable in a moment of discern for you to hold the bear. And so we hope.

    Hoping that this new year will help us forget and to walk anew. So that we could walk into a maze covered in razor sharp thorns blinded and alone. Hoping that you're making progress even you went to the same hedge over and over again.

    And when you look upon the hedge you've been circling against. You learn the mistakes and thats where you take a different path.
    Now you hit the gas which you've filled with hope that has driven you forward. Sooner or later or maybe this year. You're free from the bounds of the malignant maze. The pain is no longer to suffer and happiness is none to burden.