• calypsoketone 9w

    Friendship goals

    Living an awesome life with friends. Enjoying the life of happiness, joy and pains. Creating memories unforgettable. Acting in such
    a way that there's none above us. Spending each and every
    minute with our laughter,sharing eatables even with a rupee.
    Cutest among the crowds, funniest among the groups.
    With diversities of talents,abilities and capabilities.
    Members of the Bullet proof and KGL-N as well.
    Friendly among all, sharing all our minds and thoughts
    counting from a small pebble to a vast desert. Missing when holidays comes depart with a hard good bye. Coming to the new week starting the day with chatting was awesome. Meeting new friends, enjoying life but nobody feels like you all. Quarrel, anger and fights become the strongest weapons of our bond. May you cherish in life, good things welcome you wherever you go and whatever things you do. Wishing you to have a good partner whom we can keep him to our friendship. Hope that our children also have a bond like we do. Wish if we could spend time together once again, Dear Bullet proof.