• __nnmaa 11w

    what is love?
    the media has made it look like all roses and kisses
    just Instagram pics and Snapchat
    date nights,sex, long text messages and then some more sex.
    but,what is love?
    what is true love.
    I'd like to call love a composition of all things pure and light.
    peaceful, serene,hope,faith, beauty, honesty.
    it's what that makes imperfections perfections.
    it's a being when adopted could change the universe.
    it's the one thing, it's the only thing that can make this world better.
    it's a connection between souls,deeper than realms,societal norms,breaks old forms of addiction and forms new ways of living.
    it changes you inside out.
    it leaves a sparkle in your eyes
    a smile on your lips
    compassion in your hearts
    love is magic
    it magically makes you a better person.