• roxana91 5w

    In the same room

    We loved the same sunrise,
    But at first we left.
    I left earlier,
    But I arrived late.

    Paper airplanes,
    Melted ice cream,
    We were speaking opposite words
    At the same time.

    It seems that everything is off,
    But we are still burning.
    It seems that we are in love,
    But we were confused.

    We met in the place
    Where we broke up.
    We took back the things
    We had in common.

    You leave your smile on my lips,
    Although I have nothing
    To leave on your mouth.

    We stuck on Facebook,
    But we keep talking -
    When we see each other
    By chance in the city.

    We are neither best friends
    Nor enemies,
    We once shared the same breath
    In the same room.