• swayamshree 10w

    For you my love

    In my barrial ground of thoughts,
    alone standing with one lively heart,
    Surviving thoughts every drop of water
    That are rolling from eyes, for that smart.

    Tearing every smiles, smashing my looks,
    Frightning those dreams, tears comeout,
    Single drop of tears carries those cares,
    That I had for him behind my shout.

    Still I beg that heart not to pray for him,
    But someone remind, that lively one is not mine,
    Its really hard to wear the mask of happiness,
    that I hard lost In way of life.

    He hard those vibrant colours to my life,
    But someone added water to this,
    The colours wall got blank,
    Faded when I found him miss.

    Collecting all those broken pieces,
    Removing all those old stains,
    I will be waiting thou
    Blowing my every pains,
    Because I love you! Love you forever.