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    Friendships| Love

    Ever thought about the other one who is not in love in one sided love story?
    A short peep in one such soul's chaotic world.

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    A Dare!

    "Send me a 'Hi' and an interesting dare is waiting for you!", His status read.
    Let me tell you who is He, pretty fascinating creature for me, his name? Eh! Yes, His name is Jordan. First love, I am his.
    He is tall, dark, handsome- physically; emotionally- loyal, courageous. What else does a girl need, Oh! yes, and he surprisely gifts me alot too!
    It's one sided. It was.
    From always I have justified him, I'm not in love with him.
    Why? He is absolutely perfect, when! They ask me! They? You, Our friends, His friends and whoever come acrosses our story- The Perfectly Imperfect for Each Other.

    "Hi!" My answer to his status read.
    I usually avoid conversations with him, so, that I will not hurt him more as- If I talk daily, he will get attached to me!
    Hey, Have I told you?
    Before I get to know- His feelings about me,
    We're best friends, WERE; I used to prick his hairs from his hands( Evil Me? Pretty much.) because he has alot of mammalian character on his fore limbs, I used to pull his hairs, he used to grip my hands to stop me, not tighter grip though! I always used to think, why don't he stops me when he can( bulgy, 5'9" man), I didn't know, that's a secret outcome of loving someone! I was dumb.

    "You've to put this as your story and send me screenshot of the first five people who will read it and you've to send 'I Love You' to the one who reads it on 5th no." His answer to the dare read.

    "Okay!" I laughed and put it as my story and was anxiously waiting for the 5th person to read it.

    "Oh, Crap!" My mouth exclaimed and eyes were glued to the name of the 5th person!

    5th person is Madhavan, the one who is Imperfectly Perfect and We: Imperfectly Perfect for Each Other.
    Did I told you? Jordan, Madhavan and Me used to be classmates and Jordan knows I am in love with Madhavan and Madhvan knows about Jordan's feels.

    *As promised, three fingers rolled over screen( gesture to capture screenshot),
    Clicked send.*