• deepak_pt 5w

    Craze for rain soars during the start of a season and fades off by the end of it.
    Isn't that fairly true?
    I think yes..and that is what i have been seeing since the beginning of my life.
    You know what?
    My craze for rain kicks off all the time but never seems to end.
    And these eyes start running down countless drops of painful tears when this rain signs off for the last time in the year.
    Why should i shed my tears?? And why is that a painful one??
    Don't you know why?
    Don't you know that..It is for you..I shed these tears?
    Don't you know that..It is pure love that dwells in them?
    Don't you know that..It is your embrace..I feel while blending these drops with my heart?
    Don't you know that it is only your embrace i need..more than anything else in this world?
    Sadly, the time has finally arrived to say bye to this mesmerizing phenomenon of my life.
    See..Rain might fade off at this point of time but these unforgettable memories would keep delivering cuddles of untold love everyday.
    Afterall..That is what i need until i meet you next time for embarking the newest chapter of love in my life. Right?