• theconfusedone 30w

    The incomplete drink

    With a sparkle in his eyes ,
    And a small satchel in his hand
    I asked who he was and what he desired
    I offered him little water as he look a lot tired.
    He refused the water ,he said it's just not the thing
    Here is my satchel from my land which I bring.
    I asked about the mystery satchel
    Bursting with curiousity
    He said it was drink of gods
    And not just a commodity.

    He poured me a cup
    and said give it a try,
    As it touched my lips
    They went Oh my!

    I wrote him my palace
    I wrote him my treasure ,
    He said it's not the price,
    For such a guilty pleasure.

    In turn he asked me a promise
    Agreed in a blink,
    he said he wanted it to be complete
    As it was an incomplete drink.

    I will make it the best ,Said the merchant,
    With a nice texture and a perfect taste.
    That's all I want and off I go
    A man's word if you say so.

    The merchant sailed the world
    Land to land in hurry and haste,
    Tried every spice
    Couldn't complete the taste.

    His hair turned grey
    But not on his best best day
    Couldn't find a trunk or chest
    Which had a key to the taste

    With time he lost his health
    All that traveling
    Shrunk his wealth
    Just when from nowhere
    A sugar cube fell from nowhere
    It hit his head and slid down his hair

    He put a cube and took a sip
    And words couldn't be on his tongue tip
    Any other word would have been absurd
    Perfect was the perfect word

    He slipped a bit more
    And had a thought
    I searched the world , travelled so long
    I guess it was here all along.