• anushree_jain 31w

    That feeling called love

    Last night I was in trance,
    Sleep was having with eyes romance.
    When the eye lids fluttered to keep awake,
    Because there was a reflection at stake.

    I saw the reflection with open eyes,
    I could not let slumber come by.
    Lest the bubble bursts and I see it disappear,
    Heart's most beautiful desire was so close and near.

    Little did I know it was all a dream,
    Figment of imagination, a blow that left me creamed.
    Dreams I thought was a manifestation of closed eyes and sleep,
    Who knew dreams show in open eyes, when love creeps.

    You were sitting beside me, like a shimmering star;
    A flicker of light which seems near, but is far apart.
    I raised my hand to feel you on my hands,
    But dreams are ephemeral, once broken they never mend.

    Dreams they say rest in a corner of mind,
    They don't know, it's the heart that makes for a great rind.
    The gateway to the cloud cuckoo land,
    No thoughts, no logic can trove.
    It's no secret, just that feeling called love!