• midoriy_writes 11w


    Should've listened to mama when she said try to make some friends,
    But I ended up knowing people with whom I needed to make amends.
    Why can't I look at someone straight in the eye?
    Why do I always think they're talking about me, when people walk by?
    I constantly feel like I'm being watched,
    Every single move, every word, every touch.

    It's so hard trying to fit in,
    Because I always keep everything to myself, deep within.
    Is it me whom they're laughing at?
    Everytime I try to stand up for something, I just can't.
    I just want someone to come approach me,
    Know that I'm not all quiet and sulky like the others see.
    Someone please come find me,
    I feel like the chances I had are slipping away before me.

    My arms are tired reaching out for a hand no one is willing to extend,
    I feel so unheard, maybe it's just me and myself in the end .
    Is anyone there?
    Or are you just pretending you can't hear me?
    Will someone get me out if this hell? Just set me free.