• sven_7 22w

    Only if you knew..

    Only if you understood my love for you is...
    as long as every day that remains,
    as loud as the morning birds chirp,
    as kind as the old lady at work,
    as old as every tale told,
    as fine as an old vintage wine,
    as smooth as a well crafted beer,
    as endlessly enduring,
    as beautiful as the beachy shores,
    as lovely as the first spring rose,
    as pure as the white driven snow,
    as rich as this great mother earth,
    as tall as the pine trees,
    as gold as the falling leaves,
    as deep as our ocean seas,
    as soft as a bunnies fur,
    as strong as any mans arms,
    as vast as the universe,
    as it goes farther then any space travel,

    If only you knew this you would know why I exsist.