• rainyheart 22w

    For you my love��

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    I once said to myself:
    the one I'll fall in love with when I turn 18,
    it will be with no end

    Actually I did!
    he was someone I met from a friend
    he opened up his sufferings to me
    on the 6th day of February!

    I could never forget that
    because I've witnessed his downfall
    how badly hurt he was
    and how his weakness took over him

    I shouldn't have entered his life
    cause I've only caused him too much pain
    they should have been back together with his girl
    but I came and ruined it

    Part of me realized,
    I'm so selfish!
    I wasn't in love with him that time
    but I hate knowing he's hurt by his love

    I don't know why
    but whenever he calls me
    my heart is aching
    cause I've always heard him crying!

    Day and night we talked
    keeping his attention away
    I always tried to make him happy
    with all my heart I kept him company

    Time passed by
    I think I fall in love with him, oh my!
    but sadly he can't catch me
    cause he's still hoping for them to be

    There comes a day
    we were most likely a couple
    exchanging love tweets,
    mentions and tags each other, how sweet!

    I bet this is love!
    there's nothing could separate us
    we promised to never leave each other
    and we will wait for the right time together

    I was blinded by your words!
    so magical!
    realizing that you're far away from me
    gives me nothing of a posibility

    I almost forgotten the fact
    that you haven't moved on yet
    so my heart was in chaos
    overthinking that I might have been used

    I don't know what happened
    we suddenly just ended
    I hate thinking about it again
    it just gives me migrane

    However, you always got a place in my heart
    that time and distance can't break apart

    One thing I've realized:
    Never to love someone who isn't done loving someone else