• aiswarya_arun 46w


    I am a bunch of uncertainities..
    Its hard even for me to fathom the multiplicity of stuff that crosses my mind
    No tangent on earth could be drawn to find the direction of my random thoughts
    I am a constant mood swinger..
    Feeling sad and bliss at the same time
    Love and hate at the same time
    Over think and take it easy at the same time..
    Respect and disrespect at the same time..
    My thoughts never tocked in unison
    Nobody could define me..
    Nobody could love me...cz nobody was able to find me
    I was always a multitude of emotions
    An optimist with a touch of pessimism
    A hardworking with a pinch of procrastination..
    I believed that I was a mess...
    But one day will come when someone would love the messy me
    Or I would turn out to love myself
    And be my own hero..
    All I can do is wait for the life to unfold...
    With a heavy heart filled with a million feelings..