• bushrah 9w

    Hasten to love!

    How gracefully the lovers part ways,
    And seek solace in the arms of night ;
    Clinging to the memories of forgotten days ;
    Resisting the pain with all their might !
    Ah, how gleefully the world slays ,
    Their lives, undermining their plight ;
    And how hopefully they share the glance,
    To reunite in the heavens delight !
    For , if you love for the sake of love or do it the other way round,
    You can be a melody or just that resonating sound ,
    You can't be taught to love , you can ,but learn to love,
    Its those wonderful mesmerisations, that makes the journeys enthralling ,
    You can't be invited to love, but you may walk in its direction,
    You require no company, you don't need any perfection,
    Ah,if to love is to care , and to care is to love,
    Then it's the business of worldly, I belong with the stars ,
    In my absence, you will sense my presence,
    And In my forgetfulness you shall find your remembrance,
    But "Love"is more of cure , than of care ;
    It's finished when complete and amazing if unconsummated,
    To ramble recklessly, and search relentlessly
    It's the tale of love , to be continued!