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    Strange but true is tis simple story of we writters ...who writes not for an applause merely but for a cause a cause thats to make world ponder upon it ...a motive to showcase our own feeling that havent been expressed yet ....its suchaa wonderful blisss isnt it to hav this a indulged such that we could express our extreme view that cudnt be spelled out of our mouth... Things become easy in poetry... Emotions get conveyed on a right way... Barakallaah it's a wonderful feeling....

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    We are all same
    Passengers of a single flight
    On different seat
    With different packages of emotions
    Concealed with different fears and weaknesses
    Embeded by varying feelings
    And unique story to portray
    Up with a determination
    To be something
    N transform all chaos to peace by
    Travelling to make
    A remarkable journey
    In de end were we shall depart
    To our own different manzilen