• sameer_prasad 6w

    Boi o boi, college is a fun place to be ☘️������‍♂️

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    I'm living the dream you're too scared to see boi
    I'm high up above you're just my decoy.
    Always chased, I can't do chasing unlike you I'm free boi.
    She begged me to fucc last night, you heard me boi?

    Yea you know I don't got that taste
    I'm sticked to one my eyes don't gaze
    Your chick's in my DMs all in her feelings like she is Drake.
    While you're with her why the fucc I'm the one to get her heart on race?

    Nah maen don't become me to impress her
    I know I can click my fingers just to undress her
    Here's something I wanna tell ya
    She's just a bitch, boi u deserve better.

    If I open up the reality for ya you'll know what I wanna say
    But that's not my job to do you'll eventually find everything anyway
    I see what you Tryna do Mate don't be so typical
    Cause you know replicas don't have price tags like original.