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    The longer you live, the more you'll encounter death. Until you encounter your own death. Death stalks you like a crazed fan boy. Lying in the shadows in wait. A friend died recently and it made me think of a women who was at my Grandma's funeral. She seemed so calm and collected while everyone else was falling apart. It was like in the center of all the madness was a sane person watching the side show. I gathered up the courage to speak to her. I asked her, "You knew my grandma, right? How come your not upset?" She told me, "When you live a long time you see a lot of death, so much so that it no longer effects you." I found this hard to believe. The first two things people go through when hearing someone died is denial and shock. She continued, "It's not that I'm numb cause I feel sad for them but if I felt sad for everyone I knew that died, I'd have no time for happiness. I value life and happiness over death. My life and happiness are just as important as yours, theirs and mine." I couldn't help but feel that was right but somehow fucked up. I was twenty six then and now I'm almost forty I realize that women gave me a piece wisdom that I'll never forget.

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    A Though Out Loud #3

    The longer you live, the more you'll encounter death~