• ryoaki_ 10w

    I wrote this one when while I was looking at a star in the nightsky.. then after that i just observed and other things that makes up my day influenced me to finish it ;-)

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    Every night when I look up high
    To see all the stars twinkling in the sky
    and then I would honestly wonder why
    weren't we humans given the ability to fly

    Every morning when I look around
    I hear my clock making this annoying sound
    and to my surprise you will be marveled at what I found
    Is the moon showing dimly behind a cloud

    Every evening when I look below
    to smell the yellow daisies that I grow
    and even though they do this really slow
    I still admire the smell and glow they show

    Every time when I look at the mirror
    I see a young boy becoming a senior
    and gladly I know I don't possess a bad demeanor
    but rather I m nice lad, a young dreamer.