• nusrat_shaikh 10w

    Once upon a time there used to be a 'we',
    Laughing and smiling so happy we used to be,
    So many memories made holding your hand,
    Merrily by the beachside rejoicing on the sand,
    Not a care in the world, we used to be so free,
    Just you and I, living our own fantasy,
    But then came a storm raining our demise,
    Our love it vanished, far away in the skies,
    Those happy moments turned to bitter memories,
    The cold in your eyes, in them I freeze,
    The warmth of your touch now alive only in my dreams,
    So ignorant you became to my pained silent screams,
    Didn't even realise how things changed so fast,
    Nothing lasts forever I know but I hoped this would last,
    The man for whom my heart used to beat,
    Never imagined would turn into a stranger on the street.