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    People cry for the people they loved the most
    Some are willing to shed ev'rything no matter what the cost.
    Some cries for their dying love ones or letting go of friends
    But I cry because not of a dying person or a friendship that ends

    I cry so hard ev'ry time I recall the best memories,
    The best memories that my sister and I had as kids
    The bonds we used to share to each other so deeply
    The care and love we used to show to each other so happily

    But those days were just part of the old anamnesis
    And those old memories were just part of a beautiful master piece
    To my old sister that is now just my friend I hate her so
    For being just a friend and not a sister when I need her most.

    Losing all my friends on the earth would be fine
    But losing her by my side is a storm that won't last any time.
    When best sisters became just an ordinary friends
    Are one of the relationships that breaks my heart into thousands.

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