• nidhi2513 23w


    "I hang out with boys coz they are less drama"
    Wait for the time when the waiter accidentally serves your guy the wrong drink — and see him go ballistic !
    Let India lose a winning game and watch him lose all his cool!

    Is this post abt Boy-hating/Man-Shaming or double-standards

    It's about shattering the pre-defined notions set by society which dupes you into thinking that certain gender is more fun than the other !

    The reality is there are certain matters where ur guy friend is more understanding and there are certain things where ur girlfriend helps you!

    Remember the time when ur guy friend drove all through the busy streets to make sure u reach ur home safely
    Or when ur girlfriend rummaged through the shops to get u the perfect dress for the big event

    Or when he watched all the melodramatic movies just for u ..
    Or when she nonchalantly tossed her last slice of pizza & said--- खा ले भुखड़!

    All these moments r precious and have their own importance!

    Both gender have their own strengths and flaws .
    We get along with some people , we don't get along with others ..we share the same feelings & at tyms differ. We compromise on somethings and some time's we don't !

    When u enjoy someone's company, celebrate that time ...Every individual has something unique to offer, embrace that !

    After all we are all humans ..made of same emotions, same feelings & sensibilities ...we all love, we all hate, we all cry, we all feel low, we all rejoice !

    But this life is more beautiful when u choose the company of like-minded people who support & bring out the best in u...irrespective of their genders!

    Thanks For Enduring Such a long Post