• missveen 5w

    A beautiful message by a friend today

    Never find someone who you are falling for
    Find someone who is falling for you instead
    If not
    You might just finish your whole life on chasing behind the love you are unlikely to own
    All your efforts and strength might be drained in the journey
    At the end of life how are you gonna say
    Yes I had a beautiful life when you ruin it yourself.

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    Your another half should be the one who is looking forward to make you a whole
    Not someone who you are desperately seeking to donate your half to make it a whole

    If you don't control your savage heart today & keep pouring all your energy & strength looking up for the other half to make it a whole
    Am afraid your whole life span might still be insufficient to join your half with another half to make it a whole❤️

    If you get what I mean?