• nehahemaraj 5w

    Dear Ignorance,

    Meandering on a rugged, bumpy road,
    Instigating insurmountable devastation,
    Splinters of agony stuffed in gravel,
    Unfurling into everything in proximity.

    Manifestation of melodramatic dubiety,
    In the tiny atoms of grey matter,
    Rekindling the cupola of mazarine anxiety,
    Necropolis of elation embellished with blues.

    On the flip side of desolation,
    Thou, a bliss in kaleidoscopic blooms,
    Breathing ataraxy into the pneuma,
    Ecstasy to be etched onto the epitaph.

    Artistically sculpted form of abstraction,
    Potion once, poison again,
    Contemplation is an ethereal art,
    To be mastered throughout the existence.


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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Image credit to the right owner.

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