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    B - brutal in their ways
    U - unkind in their acts
    L - lying and passing lame jokes
    L - laughing incessantly
    Y - yelling rudely
    I - ignorantly mocking
    N - name calling
    G - gazing with a wrong intention

    As the child lay there sobbing,
    in an inconsolable manner
    With his eyes closed tightly shut
    His little hands covering both his ears
    His heart pounding with fear
    Sweat buds rolling down his forehead
    A small teddy bear near his leg
    He was lying on the ground,
    in a paralyzed position
    A hefty man stooping over him
    He was the caretaker of the orphanage
    Cursing the child & swishing a stick around
    He wanted to terrorize the children, enjoy their fear
    And make them obey him without a word
    Who would dare to stop him
    The scene taking place in front of our eyes
    Whilst on the outside of the gate
    Stood a group of people, including me
    Bystanders, stopping from our errands
    Looking at the heart-rending sight
    Feeling sorry for the little boy
    But not doing anything to help him
    The caretaker seeing us, though perturbed
    Shooed us away with a grimace
    With sad thoughts we all left
    We were as much at fault
    as the caretaker was. . .

    This is just one case of bullying
    There are many of them still
    Cyber Bullying, Physical Bullying,
    Verbal Bullying and what not
    There's so much a person goes through
    Why can't we be selfless like a tree
    And let people be free with torture
    It's years since the incident,
    and I regret not taking a stand
    Though it'll remain with me until my last breath
    I pledge not to do it again
    Let us all prevent it in some little way
    Let us teach our children to be frank
    and share their fears and problems
    Let teacher's be educated to monitor bullying and
    Join hands with the parents to educate
    kids from a tender age about the ills of bullying
    Let the society change it's mindset
    and come forward to help the victims. .

    Let the world go BLUE ��

    Before you bully someone, don't forget "What goes around, comes around"

    Before becoming a victim, don't forget "Stand for yourself, Your courage will scare the bully away"

    Before you become a bystander, don't forget "You are a bully as much as the person bullying"

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    Let the world go BLUE

    (Caution: Lengthy post ahead My first ever.!)