• kaleou 6w

    (Note: A tagalog poem of mine that I translated in English.. hope you enjoy reading)

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    Between the two rivers
    are my feet started to get wet as I across

    Between the mountain range of Sierra Madre
    I discovered the mystery of the untouched forest

    Between the rocky roads
    my strength was tested

    Between heaven and earth
    are the spaces between the two of us

    Between the clouds and the sea
    are birds freely flying in the field

    Between the questions that are unanswered
    is God's appointed time if it should continue or should be broken

    Between "Yes or No"
    are answered that "can be" or "it depends on"

    Between a heart that loves so much
    is a heart full of pain,
    a heart that is hoping and waiting.

    And between you and me
    only God knows..
    thats the thing I can say...